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Seminole Leg April 16-26

LegThe Seminole Leg
DatesApril 16-26, 2023
Start-EndNorth Beach Campground, FL to Marbury, AL
Avg mile per dayBiking 53 miles per day    Total (with rest) 43 miles a day
Days11 days (2 days of rest)
StatesFlorida, Georgia, Alabama
DiocesesSt. Augustine, Pensacola-Talahasse. Savannah, Mobile 
Vocation eventsApril 16 Mass and Holy Hour at the Shrine of our Lady of La Leche, St. Augustine, FL (Fr. Clay)
April 17 Holy Hour at St. Monica, Palatka, FL (Fr. Clay, Fr. Anthony)
April 18 Holy Hour at the Epiphany Church in Lake City, FL
April 18 Reflection at St. Francis Xavier Church in Live Oak, FL (Fr. Tony) April 19 Reflection at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Madison, FL (Fr. Dominic)
April 20 Mass at St. Margaret of Scotland, Monticello, FL (Fr. Dominic)
April 21 Holy Hour at St. Joseph in Bainbridge, GA (Deacon Frank)
April 22 Service at St. Luke, Cuthbert, GA (Deacon Scott)
April 23 Mass at Holy Family in Blakely, GA (Fr. Mike)
April 24 Holy Hour at Holy Redeemer in Eufaula, AL (Fr. David)
April 26 Mass at St. Vincent de Paul in Talassee, AL (Fr. Matt)
April 26 Holy Hour at St. Jude in Marbury, AL
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