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Bike for vocations

Sometimes praying for religious vocations just isn’t enough.

Pedaling the virtues of religious life: Looking for priests, brothers and sisters.

Start: April 17, 2023 (approximately to July 30, 2023)

The image above is of La Madonna del Ghisallo, the patroness of cyclists as declared by Venerable Pius XII.

Cross country
Starting April 17, 2023

Biking from Florida to Oregon.
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Information on
the religious life

There are many ways to serve
the Lord in religious life.
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possibilities and pray
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St. Pope John Paul II

“Sport trains body and spirit for perseverance, effort, courage, balance, sacrifice, honesty, friendship and collaboration.”

A personal patron

St. Scholastica

“I asked you for a favor and you would not listen, so I asked God and He did listen.”

patron saint of benedictine nuns

St. Junipero Serra

“We found on our journey…that they treated us with…good-will as if they had known us all their lives.”

patron saint of vocations

St. Louis &Zelie Martin

As long as she follows the vocation He gives her (St. Therese of Lisieux) , I’ll be happy.

A personal patron


This bike ride across America will also focus on history and follow a trail of explorers, missionaries, converts. It is a discovery of the Catholic faith in America and how faith in communities contributed to the moral fiber of a nation. It is a pedaling pilgrimage looking for missing priests and nuns in the heartland.