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Saints Louis and Zélie (Guérin) Martin, parents of St. Therese of Lisieux (center). St. Louis wanted to become an Augustinian monk and Zélie Guérin wanted to become a nun. God had other plans as they became the parents of nine children of which 5 daughters survived childhood and all 5 went to become nuns. One of which was St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

About Us

We are a Catholic married couple and look through all things through the lens of our Catholic faith; even bicycle riding. My wife has expressed interest in bicycling across America for some time. And now that fullness of time arrives. My wife pedals and I plan. And in our planning discussions, it seemed there was a need to consecrate the venture with a more sacred adveniat or imperative. Somehow praying for vocations and pedaling for vocations seemed synonymous. Initially we thought we’d use the French word for bicycle: velo. This lends itself to a nice alliteration:

Velo for vocations

But since it is unlikey that many would catch the french aliteration we decided on the simpler:

Bike for vocations

Why vocations?

The Catholic Church in America is in a vocations crisis. We need to revitalize the scared hope of our broken culture. We are callng attention to the idea that devotion and commitment to serving the Lord as consecrated religious man or woman is heroic and provides sacred hope. As a married couple, our perspective is that of the laity calling out: We need you! We risk becoming a remnant Church in two ways. A remnant hidden within an unrecognizable social organization because it has brought the values of the world into its devotional core and has lost its maternal embrace or a remnant and reduced Church hidden within an unfriendly culture; hidden in small communities as Churches are shuttered because there are no priests to teach on the paternity of faith. If we loose that sacred maternity and paternity, we loose the visible structure of faith. We will be driven underground which is what the counter-Catholic culture wants: a remnant. Refuse to be a remnant. If you are called to become a priest or a nun, discern and take on the task. Help us restore our sacred culture.

Ordination of St. John of Matha


In praying for vocations we seek the intercession of:

Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin


In pedaling for vocations we seek the intercession of:

The Madonna of Ghisallo.


And for framing our message we seek the intercession of:

St. Dominic


Primary pedaler


Primary planner


Dogmatic director

Fr. Steve, OCD

Spritual Dir