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Walking Doxology

We went to Vigils (morning common prayer) this morning and I was inspired by the evocative sound of a monk rushing to prayer. And since we are at Conception Abbey and I haven’t posted in a while, I wrote this poem. The well-thought paceOf well-placed… Read More »Walking Doxology

Fur France

We have left Cape Girardeau and settle into a different current of American Catholic history as we travel along the Mississippi and eventually to the Missouri River. This leg of the trop as mentioned will focus on the French influence on the Catholic Church in… Read More »Fur France


Stiftung. That’s a great German word. It blends many English concepts into one: foundation, donation, endowment, charity and culture into one efficient word: Stiftung. In a real sense it means “Church” in its structural reality represented by the wax seals that went to ratifying its… Read More »Stiftung