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Prayer intention

Please fill out the form below and provide us with details of the intention you want us to keep in mind. Please note the categories for which we hope to devote our prayer as we bike across America [drop down box below].

1-For a man or a woman struggling with a new vocation: These are prayers offered for a man or a woman that is uncertain about their vocation yet feel some calling and are experiencing uncertainty

2-For a priest or a nun struggling with their own vocation: This is for an ordained priest or nun that is experiencing doubt or uncertainty about their vocation.

3-For an elderly priest or nun: Please let us know if there is an elderly priest or nun that is struggling and needs prayers. We are keenly aware of the burden that age places on our priests and nuns and want to truly offer them up in prayer.

4-In thanksgiving for a priest or nun: Share with us a blessing that a priest or nun has provided and we will happily offer this up to the Lord for thanksgiving too.

5-For a man or a woman to turn to the Lord and become a priest or nun: This category is for a man or woman you feel has a vocation but is unaware. We will offer up these prayers that the Holy Spirit may move them into an awareness of their vocation. This person does not need to be a Catholic.

6-For a priest of nun that harmed you: We realize that there are priests and nuns that can hurt people and understand the need to pray for them for a deeper conversion or forgiveness. This is an offering for that forgiveness.

7-General intention or good will: Please pray for us and for the intentions of priests and religious in general.

  • Please provide your name
  • Write the specific intention.